Dr. Fabio Eden was raised in a strict and disciplined, but a caring family that taught him the very high level of morality, discipline, self-improvement, altruism and health consciousness.

This led him to seek knowledge about the functioning of the human body and, ultimately, led to the completion of his medical studies. Dr. Eden specialized in surgery. In addition, he earned three other doctorates ( physiology, anatomy, and sports physiology ).

Dr. Eden began studying martial arts at the age of three. Taught by Asian Masters, he became a 7th-degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do, which earned him the respect of world-class Masters and athletes in this discipline. Through frequent stays in Korea and China……….., he learned about the Eastern way of thinking, about spirituality and the power of the inner being.

At the same time, Dr. Fabio also studied Asian medicine and closely examined the path of natural and physiological approaches toward the body and its functions.

Dr. Eden’s curious nature and desire for knowledge, in all area of life, led him into many diverse situations: business, trips throughout the world, meeting and communicating with people from all social levels and cultures, enriching his knowledge of Qi energy, meditation, mind’s unlimited capacities, and the art of reaching deeper levels of consciousness.

Throughout his diverse books and writings, you will discover a profound philosophy that calls out to you to open the locked doors of this world’s habits and accepted beliefs, and which promises to carry you to a higher spiritual level of consciousness and reach a very high level of knowledge about our physical and mental health, our unsuspected physical and mental abilities, and our cerebral unlimited capacities.

Dr Fabio Eden

MD : Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
PhD : Space Medicine, Longevity Medicine, Physiology, Sport physiology and Anatomy
7th Dan Tae Kwon Do Black Belt
South African National Tae Kwon Do Team
Olympic Coach 


Before I became who I am, I was a perfect disciple. When I say a disciple I don’t mean a worshiper, which is a completely different thing. A disciple is a perfect student who listens to his master carefully and live his life closely which puts him on the way to become finally a master himself, whereas a worshiper will always admire and just follow the master like a sheep but never willing to make the effort of living like a master in order to become a master him or herself one day. I started martial art at the age of 3-4. I did Kung Fu for sometime and then turned to Tae Kwon Do fews years later.

In my childhood, the training was my life, instead of having summer holiday like other children, I went to China to spent time with some Kung Fu masters, where I trained and learned discipline, I became stronger and stronger, not only physically, but especially mentally. I never cried like other children. I never played toys, I was only interested in the physical training, that pushed me above the limits and then I was feeling like being in another state of mind. When I changed Kung Fu to Tae Kwon Do at the age of 13 years old, I was taking different classes and different masters. As any master would say, it is not about which martial art we do, but about the Master who teaches you.

At the same time I was especially thinking a lot about how Buddha became Buddha, or Jesus became Jesus, or Mohammad became Mohammad, or Bruce Lee became Bruce Lee, how Galileo, Leonardo da Vinci or Einstein found all those new things. They must have had something that we don’t understand… I cannot judge them by just looking at their worshipers today. That would be a big mistake. Then one day I went to a Tae Kwon Do school in Paris in 1983, I was 14 years old. I met a Man, he was apparently the master who teaches there, around 50 years old, full of power, he was light like the air, smiley and generous like “GOD” he was, I watched him for a while, and as I was trained by many teachers before for long enough, so I had a sense of good and bad teacher. Suddenly I felt something strong, a sensation of something exceptional is happening here. He looked so ” divine ” ( not the image of divine that society has ), so ” prophetic”, something told me inside; I want to become like that, I felt like I was seeing Jesus or Buddha, as I imagined them. To mention; to perceive fully what we see with our eyes in a given time we must have imagined it that certain way before. When I see people worshiping POPE in the Vatican, what I see it means; it’s the image they have of Jesus that was like POPE with an old, fat body unable of making any real move, walking between people and letting people kissing his hand…… Does it make sense?… For me, the image of Jesus was always a strong and a slim, fit, looking man, who refused to be worshiped and did not agree that people are worshiping Moses and built places for that.  For me, the image of Buddha was someone thin, eating little and fasting was part of his life and was not a fat one sitting the whole day in a “meditation” position and doing nothing as people falsely imagined of him. This Korean Tae Kwon Do Master was strong and physically admirable, he was harsh and powerful but at the same time so graceful. He was simply teaching Tae Kwon Do in an average school in Paris. I waited for the class to finish, then I asked him if I could train with him, he gave me a monthly price, very expensive and impossible for me to pay, I replied. He said: Well,  Goodbye. I stayed there and did not want to judge it so easily. He saw me standing there a few minutes later, he came back and told me, ” I know what you are thinking of; you think martial art is not about the money, but teaching spirituality and the sense of life…………..well, those are nice words, but what proves that in 10 years you are still going to be with me and learn what you pretend willing to learn??? The sense of life cannot be taught in 1-2 years… “ As he was talking, I knew I would be there until he tells me that now I know everything and be ready to leave. I realized what he meant was: he could give me his real knowledge, more than just this classes, but that was only for some chosen one, he needs my determination, and that’s why he tested me with something difficult so indirectly he pushes the clowns away. He recognized my desire, so he told me with a strong voice; I have another solution for you: if you want my knowledge and money is your only obstacle, you must first come for 6 months sitting and watching the classes without participation in the training. If you are late even 1 second, or if you miss one day, we reset the counter, and six mouths start again. I said, Yes Sir. I really knew I would never leave that man until I reach his level. At that time, I finished high school at 14 years old ( yes, true ) and was entering medical university and the training would have taken much of my time, every night. I first thought I cannot because I had my studying, but 1 second later, I forgot everything because I found what I wanted, at that moment I did not care if I left my studying forever or did nothing. All I thought was; A master on my door, a real one who offers me his life. Once again, that was the image of the Master I had, and when I saw him I realized it. Example in Life: if people have as the image of love; flowers, gifts, kissing and caressing, they cannot recognize any other way of Love. Anybody else saw that master, would probably find him good at what he was doing, but would not see the master of human existence, as I saw in that man. I came every night. I was there even 1 hour before. Then after 3 months he came to me one night and told me, It’s ok, you can train now. In my head even if he said, 600 months instead of 6, I wouldn’t care, I knew what I wanted and I did not care about studying or else. I just wanted him to take me to some other exceptional state of being. I just remember the moment I told him, Yes Master, how much should I pay you? He said ” IT IS FREE FOR YOU……forever………you passed the test. ” Today when I speak to him ( he lives somewhere in Korean mountain where no one can reach him and when he comes among people, even less he will be recognized so normal and average he looks like ), I ask him, how did you know I would go to the end of that journey you offered me ? He replied: Was I wrong ?! I also tell him sometimes: Don’t you bother if people see the Master when you are among them? He says: Don’t worry Fabio, they won’t see it, they have something else as an image of Master, I am “safe”!!! When I was in his classes, it was not just a training, but a university of an absolute health, mental and physical, an exceptional knowledge that could not be explained by any medical university.  Today, with my doctorate in surgery and 3 PhDs in Human Anatomy, Physiology and Sport Physiology, still cannot explain some of his knowledge and especially saw it on me. I remember I had an injury on my arm, it was swollen and painful, maybe fractured, he took my arm and looked into my eyes and the pain and everything disappeared in a few minutes. I felt like the fracture was welded by his hand or as he said, by the QI energy of my own body that he just stimulated it. I started realizing his enormous knowledge about the human body was something else, and understood the spiritual reason of me, the future doctor, knowing him. I was meant to learn something bigger than just what was taught in modern medical schools. Then I was asking him to teach me more and more, and once he told me, for the more you have to come to Asia, to my domain. Of course, I went to South Korea, to the mountains, where he was living and where he put me through another test… He made me wait for 2 months at the door of his school. It was the real school for chosen exceptional people like myself, those who passed his tests. There I learned about the human body, the cells, the passage of QI energy and its direct relationship with our health, and how our cells are controlled by a circuit of the energy field. That is used in acupuncture and all kinds of Chinese medicine, but no one really knows the real roots of that knowledge and it is bigger, MUCH BIGGER than what those western formed acupuncturists or Asian related medicine do in Western society. There I learned the real source and usage of the QI energy, how we can cure cancers and any fatal disease, if we know the human body and its QI energy, as my master knows and does it, and also myself today. These things are not used in western medicine or if they are because they became fashionable for some snobbish way of being different. This really lies on fasting and treating the body without food and on trusting that you can feed it with water and oxygen. I learned with him, by living his life, to eat nothing and feel better than ever. I was fasting for 30 days and training every day. I only had 40 °C water for 30 days.  Today I am using what I learned there, by explaining through the physiology of cells how to cure cancers and many “incurable” diseases around the world and without any medication.  I confirm that the real learning, and the very first step toward spirituality, or reaching another level of being, is to know the human cells and body very well, whether you are a doctor or accountant or a banker… First is to know your own body and you don’t need to have a degree in medical school.  My master would not probably be able to practice any medicine in Canada, USA or Europe ( not that he was interested in doing so ), but does that mean that those stupid doctors in these countries, all fat, sick and having unhealthy life-style… does their title or diplomas really mean that they know more than him, this Korean master ??? They are not even close. The real consciousness will come to us when we start amazingly understand what the human body is and can do. I am not saying it because I am a doctor, but because I don’t consider myself that title, I consider myself a knowledgeable man, a Master about human body and mind, I use no medication, nothing at all, and my life breath health. I cured and am still curing many people of fatal diseases through this real knowledge of the human body. I would have never thought that one would get to reach spirituality and have enlightened and peaceful mind through the understanding of his body first, so I somehow chose the right profession. And of course, the way I practice it is far from all the doctors do. The subject of food became number 20 or 30 in my priorities. What a freedom!!! not being afraid of collapsing if I did not have breakfast or lunch, is the greatest feeling, what a freedom of time, thoughts, organs light of overload of work… These are simply to reach spirituality. To understand the real things, we must first free ourselves from the real prison. Emotions and society image of “love” are all the same mental prisons as food, things that we don’t really need, but they made it necessary for us in order to be alright. Like if you don’t have a child to kiss every day, you won’t be happy. Who said that? The superficial consuming society without any clue of our QI Energy and inner happiness. If we can get out from these prisons, we can free ourselves from anything else in life and nothing is an obstacle anymore. Isn’t spirituality explained in those beautiful books by the word freedom, detachment and etc? If you can do the hardest one which is food, sleep, emotions … master these simple needs, then you can put into practice the detachments from other things in life. OTHERWISE, FORGET ABOUT SEEKING ANY SPIRITUALITY, anything else that doesn’t go through the full control of our body needs are just false pseudo-spirituality that are in fashion today. The body that carries the strong soul has to be under control. Now, if after explaining about “LET GO” story and so-called spirituality, someone doesn’t live a master’s life, but still seeks another level of being… nothing good will happen in his life. Sooner or later, his/her lack of will to get out of their comfort zone of eating, or doing physical and mental effort, will turn into the diseases and slow AGONY of their bodies.

For me, the human body is the starting point for reaching anything good in life.

I wouldn’t be who I am today, if I didn’t start by mastering my body, 

before willing to master any other aspect of life.

The Master Fabio

7th Dan Tae Kwon Do Black Belt
Olympic Coach of South African National Tae Kwon Do Team

” Doctors are usually the worse to talk to about the simplicity of health as much as religious guides are about God. They make their subjects ( God for one and the physical Health for the other ) so complicated to approach that we can never reach what they talk about. The way they describe it, no one can ever see GOD or have a complete Health with an illness free life over 50 years old never mind 200-300 years as I claimed.

They have spent their time studying something too complicated for an average brain to assimilate its simplicity. They study all these subjects and etc, about the human body and its cells and their physiological relationship, but in the end, everything should come to a simple fact, how not to be ill at the first place before being sick?

To understand health you have two approaches:

1- The Earthly One; in which people just want to keep this body going as far as possible so they can enjoy their life on earth a little longer.

When I say people I mean the entity that took over the body after its landing on Earth, I mean the entity that wants to destroy it anyway, let’s call it the devil. He wants to destroy this body so its first occupant, soul, will leave and do so he uses the bodies pleasant sides, through which he attacks it at a deeper level inside.

Through pleasure that the tong can provide to the body, the devil will attack the body itself, it stimulates the pleasure through tong, and then through that, every nonsense gets inside the system to destroy it.
Devil wants to stop the body’s life as soon as possible, and that is its only goal.

When the relationship is at this level, the occupant, surely devil at this stage, does not really care about making a radical effort to keep this body going. He only wants to stay and enjoy these pleasures as long as possible. Himself is also taken in between two chairs;

a- I want pleasure through my tong and my nose that gives me the sense of smell and etc.

b- but pleasures kill the body as well, thus no more pleasure.

If I want to save it, I have to stop pleasure, but if I stop pleasure I don’t know why I live and this way the vicious circle of an Earthly relationship between body and its owner, the devil, is launched.

2- On the other hand there is a Soul-Body Approach and that makes us wonder and brings up the famous question of :

“ Why are we here for anyway? What is this body that we have? What is my responsibility toward it? ”

These questions only occur when the occupant remained the soul that came to “life” with the body the first day.
In the first case, the occupant never looks for a radical and eternal solution, because that will surely be against all the pleasures through tong nose and etc. In the second case, the occupant is still a little soul left that is fighting with the greater devil inside until it wins the battle, that overtaking of our body from the devil inside is the starting point of the radical change. ” 

Dr Fabio Eden   

MD : Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
PhD : Space Medicine, Longevity Medicine, Physiology, Sport physiology and Anatomy

  1.  Dr. Fabio Eden is an Olympic coach of the South African national team of Tae Kwon Do.

  2.  Dr. Fabio Eden was coaching runners from all over the world for Olympic events, Atlanta 1996, Sydney 2000, Athens 2004……
    He prepared many gold and silver medal winners of the games.

  3.  Dr. Fabio Eden is a world-class athlete himself, who practiced sport from a very young age. He has this exceptional physical ability that relies on daily hard work. He started Martial Art ( Tae Kwon Do) at a very young age and became a 7th-degree black belt Master in this martial art today.

Dr. Eden, became South Africans national team coach for Tae Kwon Do for over 10 years. He had taught Tae Kwon Do in his multiple schools in South Africa where he assisted to develop this Olympic sport at the Olympic level in the country.

Dr. Eden also participated in developing athletes for Olympics and top world events in cooperation with IOC, the International Olympic Committee, by preparing them and improving their fitness level.

Dr. Eden uses his very unique way of preparation which consists mostly of eating less than anyone in the sports business would advise you. He uses his very personal understanding of human physiology in order to reveal the best that a cell can show as capacity. For Dr. Eden, the body should work on oxygen and water at best and our heart and blood circulation need mostly thin blood (water), and a well developed respiratory system based on great oxygen intake ability.

This is also used in his way of treating diseases like cancers and etc. and also to give a disease free health to any average person.

This respiratory system can increase tremendously if one keeps his cells empty of food and pushes his heart, through a specific exercise designed by Dr. Eden, with water and minerals as the only element inside the blood circulations. This way the body will learn to absorb more oxygen from the air and increase its capacity when no material food is available for the cells.

Dr. Eden’s curious nature led him to search more about the human body and mind, and discovery of the real sense of life. He started writing, after having questioned himself for a long time and having done a deep self searching about his own soul and reason of existence, in order to put in order his thoughts and explain better what was going on in his head and what was his real understanding and analyses of every subject like, health physical and mental, God and prophets, relationship between human souls and not just a superficial emotional relationship, and its necessity for our well being.

Dr. Eden found a taste for writing to express how the way of thinking is the only cause of all these small unintended events in people’s lives about their health and so-called bad luck. People are not aware of the consequences of their daily actions, and they see only superficially what is happening to them, by praying to an imaginary God who will make everything right for them. While they could change everything if they think and make out a philosophy about each of their acts and words.

He analyzed people’s thinking by seeing a all the time their vision of doctors and their physical and mental health. As a doctor, he noticed that people, strangely, though they were not responsible for their state of health. In fact, people take doctors as magicians who can fix all their problems while they continue to treat their body anyhow.

He then understood from this mentality that the relationship between people and doctors is the same as they have with God. They imagine God as a psychiatrist who can arrange all their moral problems while continuing to behave as they think they are right, in the same way, that they approach doctors about their physical health.

His writings demonstrate the absurdity of people’s minds and how he himself came to discover a healthier and more sensible way of life. Dr. Eden found it necessary to describe to society all these wrong visions by taking examples of physical health, so those who would be interested could at least know more about the mysteries of life.

The writing that comes from deep thoughts is as good and evolving for our Soul, like martial arts and its difficult movements are for our body. The higher someone aims, the more he has to stretch his muscles and joints that keep his body stable, says Dr. Eden. Through Dr. Fabio’s books, you will discover a profound philosophy that will lead you to open the closed doors of this world of habits and beliefs by allowing you to access a higher spiritual level of consciousness.