Letters of Dr. Fabio Eden's Readers

“ Great Gratitude ”


Hello Master, Dr. Fabio

After 6 weeks, this new state of being is now completely stabilized. I cannot conceive anymore doing another way that one meal per day with a cardio activity.

It is very interesting and I feel very grateful.

Because it is incomplete adequacy with my previous vegetarian diet with much more energy, time and knowledge.

I also feel every day profound gratitude during fasting. Because it replaces my consciousness in a calm and lucid way in a period when I didn’t always have a meal.

The difference is that today I have:

1 – Choice.

2 – Health.

3 – Abundance.

So, every day in the end after a work-day without any break, without coming out of the small research laboratory, during more than 8 hours, I feel at the end of the day, on the way back, a calm, a fullness and powerful gratitude.

The Protocol also gave me a concentration that I had found only in the mountains. It is very stable.

This week, I have been able to implement the teaching about receiving people, generosity, and sharing.

Also, yesterday, during my running session, a man wanted to take a picture of me running up the stairs. So I thought of Dr. Fabio’s profile picture, to this energy that circulates, to randomness and to the gift of life.

I thus gave Dr. Fabio’s website to the photo with this sensation that an idea is spreading.

The universe is observing us, is watching us and is carrying us.

Some call that karma, others a sum and a series of accumulated small actions that produce our life.

At any moment, our life is the “ whole ” uncompromising reflection of our inner world.

It is unavoidable, is it may be that, the “ state of mind”?

The day I met you, Master, you said:

“ Everything starts with the control of a part of your body, that is only a few centimeters small: your tongue ”.

So I am impressed to see how this so “small tongue” can influence, modify and control the entire life of billions of people.

” Everything starts with the body “. That is also unavoidable!

After this thinking, I feel that my freedom of growing every day a little more.

This allows me to give back to the world every day a little more.

Thank you for all this teaching that is from far the most accomplished and the most complete and that changed many things.


Paris, France

“ My Observations After 1 Week Of Fasting ”

Hello Dr,

I did fasting from Sunday 24th September to Sunday 1st October and here are my conclusions about it:

During all that time I didn’t have a strong feeling of hunger, just brief little hunger around afternoon and at 8 p.m. No problem with it. There is no such thing like the feeling of sacrificing.

Tonight, I was eating the first time after having. It’s very interesting – in the first moments of eating I started to feel weak like food is taking my energy away. How wrong everybody is to believe that it’s opposite, that food gives us energy.

It’s just about listening to your healthy body, and it will lead you in the right way.

In fact, since last year I don’t have much of ailment ( if I can even name them “ailments” ). To remind you Dr, I am living a healthy life with all your rules since October 2016.

This week of fasting was very busy. I sorted out a lot of issues. I found that we can live without eating and feel great – and it’s not a miracle, but the reality.

The only miracle is the body itself, isn’t   Much more genial and wiser than us…

Why we don’t listen to our body?

Only our healthy and clean body will not harm us, and only our healthy and clean body will take the best care of us, because it knows what do we need at a certain moment.

We should be learning from our body instead of disturbing it, when it is trying to help us. We should give the body an opportunity to develop. And I that way we give an opportunity to develop ourselves.

Now I am looking at my hands… they are telling me: You don’t even know how many more things we can do, let us work and don’t limit us with your mind.

And my legs are telling me: You don’t even know how much more we can run, don’t limit us with your mind.

Thanks to our body we can reach really great things – it’s our most precious tool, that we cannot replace with something else. It’s our duty to take care of it and listen to it, and then surely it will surprise and amaze us many many times.

Now I see how hopelessly stupid people are, by destroying what is most precious. I have no words – self-destruction is inevitable.

I don’t have any pity for them. This is how natural selection looks like. But who will survive in the end?

After this experience of fasting, I feel differently. Now I am sure and I understood deeply the reason why I never feel lonely. Because there is always Me and My Body.

Am I thinking right, Dr?

Beata R…….., Poznan, Poland

“ Being Reborn ”

Hello Dr.

I recently came to China to become a student of Shaolin Kungfu… I currently study Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu and Aikido at home.

I met a disciple of your which I will not name for privacy, but he has changed my view on what is possible in my life.

I came to China because I was very depressed… It sounds stupid, but a girl who I loved left me one day and said to never speak to her again. This left me feeling that I was not good enough for anyone, not even deserving to be on this earth.

I have read countless texts… watched documentaries… spent hours in the Dojo… and basically searched for 3 years now to find what you mention as being Reborn.

I am from Toronto Canada…. and will be studying in China until the end of August before returning home. I was wondering if you had any contacts in Canada/ Toronto I could speak with as I am constantly searching for a higher state of being or better way to live my life.

Any advice would help whether it be another contact or even an e-mail reply.

I know you have some incredible knowledge and am constantly looking for someone to help me but through martial arts, and life-discipline, and spirituality. I have not found anyone who seems to be on your level of understanding…

Any reply would be greatly appreciated… I plan to buy all of your books upon returning home and also plan to continue talking to this past student of yours in China for the remainder of my stay…

Please e-mail me back, if you can offer any advice or help in any way I would greatly appreciate it… Coming out here to China was somewhat of a last resort for me.

I am 21 and live in the Toronto Area in Canada and currently a 3rd year Accounting Student at the University of Guelph… also 4th level Kyu in Aikido and practicing Martial Arts for about a year now in disciplines such as BJJ, Kickboxing, Aikido, Judo and now Shaolin Kungfu…

Thanks for your time and any help in advance

Taylor *******

Dr. Eden’s reply :


” Life, and its joy, is like water on your hand, the more you want to grab it, the more it runs away. You can not possess anything, when you want to possess things, things will possess you. The more you let them go, the more they will come back to you.”

… Fabio Eden       


I can help you to have a second birth with a new understanding of words Love, Hate, Relationship, Pleasure, happiness, sadness and etc.

But the question is, are you ready for a new life a new personality, and a new YOU, knowing that you have to destroy the old one radically and build a new one, and if the Master sees it useful he will use some of your old parts for the new YOU.

In fact it is not very important to know what martial art you really practice, but who is the Master, who is supposed to teach the real philosophy of martial art : to never feel too high or too down, to know how to control your emotions up or down, to teach you how to be the master of your success and failures, to teach you how to have control over your pleasures and simply teach you to be wise. How to be wise enough to let go of something and with the same pleasure and as simple as the day you got it. In fact to teach you what you apparently failed to know when your girlfriend left you.

These are not what society knows about. Society is based on materialistic success and Man  ( physically and spiritually ) is left completely out if this adventure by his own choice. For the physical people do treat their body like nothing and then go to Dr and think he can find the magical solution for them while the Dr himself is sick and unhealthy, and for the spiritual they go to church, mosque and etc ( according to their environment ) and think that the priest can find the solution for their God searching problem, while the religious Guide is lost himself.

Now, based on this concentrated explanation I gave you, You must understand that to reach a useful level of controlling your emotions and your Ups and Downs in your life, and you will surely have more to come, you have to be ready to change Radically. All center of pleasures and your vocabulary must change and learn how to be in the middle of this jungle but free of what they want to sell to you.

The Love that you had for your girlfriend, was at the first place something that the society sold you as Love, but according to me, it was nothing than just a bubble of emotion that got bigger and bigger until the day it exploded. If it was the Love as I see it, the more you Love the more you are ready to let go and eventually it does not hurt at all…

Now I don’t know anyone as wise and control his emotion as I do, in western society, never mind in Canada. I myself am also only here for analyzing this sick society and write my conclusion and the remedy of course ( my books ) about their sickness whether physical or spiritual. They all chose a family physician and a family religion and they are happy with it that they don’t have to make any effort anymore while life should be a constant effort on themselves and their being… “Good Luck” to all of them.

But I am here well armed and no one can affect me and nothing that society can sell to me for any cause. I as the Master know exactly what I am doing. For someone like you, it is difficult to be in between them and even dangerous for you. I am here only here to save some souls from this society and to do so they have to first be ready and sometimes I give people an appointment somewhere out of their environment to see if they are ready to let go everything in life to find this peace and second birth that I have to offer. I have my tests for everyone !!!  

Now if You think you are ready to be my disciple and ready to be reborn, and first of all if you really realized who I am, here is a pre-exam for you to enter my world and start learning : go to my website, under ” A day with Dr Eden ” and live like me ( eating, sport and everything I do ) for 6 months, then I will see how you behave during this period. Of course, I allow you to contact me and ask if any questions and express your inside as you go.  

I think I just gave you a privileged chance to be reborn under my teaching. If you miss this, you will never get another one; at least with me.

Dr. Fabio Eden

P S : I am very much interested if you could find a way( with him ) to give me the name of my disciple that you met. Did he tell you not to give his name ? or? I had and have disciples from all over the world: France, USA, South Africa…I say that because My disciple would still be learning with me and wouldn’t be learning something else as my teaching is so complete and makes you coming back to the society well armed emotionally, physically, mentally and logistically… and not “hiding” in somewhere inside you or in a Shaolin school.

“ Changing ”

It is Sunday morning. I’ve just awoken and I’m feeling heavy of heart. I spent the evening with Sa Bum Nim Fabio and I now realize that I’m at this stage, totally unworthy to be with him. Sa Bum Nim Fabio has the most unbelievable beauty about him. His depth is way beyond what I originally thought I saw. His goodness prevails all.

Each time I clean a new spot in my window of life and another ray of light shines through, the more unbelievably brighter and bigger this great star shines and the smaller and smaller I get.

I sit here and now I’m dumbstruck by the power of this great man. I must apologize for my mumbling of needless, senseless words that I trip over to try and show that “ Yes I understand “. I see now it is easy to understand but to feel and actually to put into practice is what it’s all about. That takes a real person, a humble one with true value. One that stands the test of time (10 years time perhaps). I, now at this point in time, stand in front of Sa Bum Nim Fabio stripped of my EGO, and I feel ashamed and blush.

How great has my Ego become over the years and how much my worth has shrunk, one can’t hope to carry both and try and be something.  

I stand humbly before the greater humanity (I shall use the name “God”) and give thanks for the day I met Sa Bum Nim Fabio. How right he is once again “no one knows who he is and what he truly represents, he’s far too advanced for our minds to comprehend.”

As I now sit here tears well up and run down my cheeks, I don’t quite know what I’m feeling, it’s a new emotion and there is no logical explanation for it. I just can’t explain what I feel; it’s too big for me to comprehend right now.

I have my work cut out for me whilst Sa Bum Nim Fabio is not here and in that there is no room for pathetic excuses and stumbling over one’s own feet trying to manipulate things to sound O.K. How transparent we underlings are, do we imagine for one moment that the precious ones as Sa Bum Nim Fabio doesn’t see through this veil of pretense of ours, it’s quite ludicrous.

How very patient is Sa Bum Nim Fabio to use his precious time and use it to teach us and show us with his golden light, the straight and narrow path…

I now see we cannot afford to step off for too many breathers, there is not much time at all, for as suddenly as Sa Bum Nim Fabio appeared so he can Disappear, to where is needed. I have already in the last months too much of his time for this I need to apologize, by not doing it again and by standing up and forever forging ahead.

  • Mary, How arrogant you are, how high and mighty, full of pride you’ve always been, so high on your pedestal. Well, look how far you have to fall now, how many bones you have broken, how much you now need to mend.

  • Let the leading begin and in doing so I give THANKS.

“ What is God ?! ”

God is us.

God is the law of happening, of cause and effect and of purpose.

God is not a separate entity. It is not a man sitting in the clouds looking below us, this is ludicrous.

Reading the Koran, I noticed that God always came hand in hand with faith. In order to know God, you are to have faith or Iman. With faith, man becomes invisible. He has the ability to do whatever he wants and to dissociate from everything around him, yet remain in total control of himself. Faith is the ability to have so much belief in what you are doing that you take whatever strategy it takes to reach your goal. God is the ability to reach goals. God is all-knowing. God has the ability to give life and take away life. God is us. When we have faith, we have control. When we have control, we are God. This is why the notion of “there is God in all of us” has so much depth and literal meaning.

It seems that this is the basis of why Islam had become so convoluted. In the years of Muhammad when Islam was first born, he was trying to change the beliefs of the Arabs who had spent all those years worshipping statues. It seemed that worshipping something external is almost like an innate nature of humans. This is wrong and stems from a lazy attitude that of course, our 21st-century sedentary lifestyle has done nothing but endorsed. As a reader, question yourself is it easier to sit and worship an external God or is it easier to work day and night and do whatever you can to become God yourself.

The answer should be fairly straightforward.

God is known to be Perfection. Of course, because our society has been conditioned to believe that perfect is non-existent, I guess they just settled on worshipping it since there was no way they could obtain that status. This is far from what Islam was trying to teach us. Ask yourselves, why would Muhammad try to convince those around him to worship one thing over another? Why was his God superior to the Gods of the pagans or the statues? Simple. The God of the pagans was a separate entity, something that they had physically built and worshipped.

The God of Muhammad was within us, it was our own ability to become what we worshipped so much. Of course, our lazy nature of wanting the easy way out simply made this God an external thing again and this vicious cycle continued. Though this God may not have been built from mud and water, it is a God we have mentally built with our minds.  This could not have been what Muhammad was trying to convey.

E****** (Toronto, Canada)

“ Trust ”

Today I was unable to display proper trust. When you are to take someone as your master, the main purpose of such an endeavor is to lose and literally give up your own brain and thought and assimilate into what is the right path and right way of thinking. A war of the minds is a very dangerous game to play and is completely worthless in one’s step towards enlightenment.

This trust ranges from everything starting from the tiniest show of action to one’s life. When you have chosen someone to guide and teach you the proper way of life, there is no exception to this rule. Man can only overcome the anomaly of life when they become blind to it. This blindness is the real way that you can free yourself and flow in any direction provided by the person who you have entrusted with guiding you through the journey.

So, my biggest mistake today was to go against the directions provided by the master and to follow what I thought was right for me. What I think is right for me is a distortion that has been engraved within me by the society I am in. I have been conditioned to believe that the choices I make in life are the right ones. Clearly the negative outcomes of my actions should be enough proof how wrong this method of thinking is. Though it is true that I am the master of my own destiny, I am not a master yet which is why I am unable to choose my own destiny at this point. Only when I have attained that rank, through exceptionally hard work and dedication can I choose my path and decision. For now, I am only a disciple, mindless and trusting of the person who will give me the chance to see where the real light at the end of my tunnel is.

Thus, any action, no matter what it may be must be one that is guided by the master and as a disciple; it is not a choice to follow, but a true duty. A duty that is done with compassion and uttermost precision as a show of your gratitude to someone who is willing to take so much time and energy to guide you. A simple “thank you” or “sorry” is nowhere near in comparison to what you owe to the master to show your appreciation.

We will learn from now on to become mindless and simple-minded as a paradoxical way to reach bliss, discipline and to be chiseled into what a true definition of a human being is. Doesn’t just be a person, being a person is easy. Anyone can be a person; all you have to have is life. Being human is living that life the way it is meant to be lived.

*******  Paris ( France )

“ Kidney Problem ”

Dear Mr. Eden,

I need to speak to you about my son.

He has some kidney problem. I have put him on a raw and living food diet for a while. He has lost a least 8 kg of his weight. He is physically all right and even better than before.

I am a person who does not believe in any conventional method of treatments although my son has been visited a group of medical specialists.

I need to make an appointment or to have a telephone conversation with you, Dr. It is about my son’s condition and the nutritional way by which we are trying to treat him.

Thank you


Dr. Eden’s Reply :


Please understand that I am not doing any consultation for whatever reason. I do research on human cells and my understanding of the human body and disease are clear and on my website. I just share some small part of them with people.

But in fact, sometimes it happens that in some rare cases, I take care of people who are mentally ready and intellectually intelligent enough to understand my vision on the human body and don’t think of it as a treatment.

I am even more against any alternative medicine than against conventional where I am issued from myself. A human body needs nothing GOOD if we don’t do the bad to it. Even if the bad has been done, by simply taking away the bad, the body will recover and no need of adding anything at all.

In one word and a conclusion ; I think and know that the human body needs 10 times less food and if any definitely not what people think of………..and mostly water and OXYGEN ( people tempt to forget Oxygen) which only comes with cardiovascular exercise ( a daily heartbeat over 150 during 40 to 50 minutes )………… and this way it will live healthy and disease-free for 3-400 years easily.

I am myself the living proof of what I preach and through my understanding of science of human body as the physiologist and anatomist (it is only a matter of different understanding of the same books and science ), I know that we can cure any disease, cancer, Alzheimer, Parkinson, and etc, by letting the body do the job.

Saying so, One has to :

1- Forget about any medication or even anything that might do so-called “GOOD” to the body ( herbs, this and that coming from alternative medicine and etc )

2- A complete change of vision:

from “Eat to be strong and healthy…..”, to “Don’t eat… Run… And drink body temperature water in order to be healthy and strong…………”

Being ill( even a headache) or sick is not natural in itself and an ill body is already on a wrong path toward a disastrous life-threatening disease.

3- Most important, to do the first 2, one needs to first ask himself: «what is the sense of life anyway? why did he come here on earth for ? just to eat and sleep, and work and have a degree and make a family and go on holiday and weekend with his so-called Friends and family and etc, and then get sick and downhill starts and hospitals and doctors and eventually he dies like a piece of nothing by cancer if lucky otherwise by a heart attack in his sleep without any warning in case he was willing to try another lifestyle, all this because he was lazy to move his body more and could not control his tongue to eat less…………….and he calls that a life?

So, now I deeply believe that someone with a deadly disease or even with any health problem, has to start looking at life and it senses differently or his cells will not change direction in order to defend the body or even start the regeneration process.

This last part is extremely important, because in the end, according to me the body has to trigger the recovering process itself after having started the Number 1 and 2. But that recovering and body’s natural defense process that I emphasize on as the best medicine only begins when the N° 3 has already taken place in our soul.

I think I am clear enough in my explanation.

Once again, I don’t do any consultation over the phone, email or anything else. I actually have no time for that, although I will be happy enough if your son could recover from his problem and he will if he understands my explanation because I don’t see anything that body cannot recover from if one gives it its physiological environment first and a BIG sense of life along with it. If he or yourself need to understand more about N° 3 on my conclusion above I have published books on that important subject (you have the links on my website to get them).

I suggest you visit my website more so to get a better view of my global vision about health, which connects completely physical to mind.

I also suggest you read the part ” One Day of Dr. Eden’s Life ” on my website to get a better idea of my personality as well.

The last point, in very rare cases when I see some people have passed a level of understanding of my knowledge and my vision, and despite my tight schedule, I will find time to help them personally to the end of this recovery. For free of course, and my prise will be just the joy of seeing someone else has a big moral Sense in life and comes out of average through his disease, as a disease in itself is just an awakening of the soul and nothing else. The one who understands that will be safe and ready for a new existence.

Dr. Eden

“ Breast Cancer ” part. 1

Hello, Dr. Eden

My name is Jani ********.

I got this email through a friend of mine whose relative you have treated before and heard you have helped many  other patients that have been rejected by their Doctors. I am one of them and so glad to hear that you have treated the people who really needed help. My case is that I was diagnosed with undetectable breast cancer stage 4B in 1995 and did lumpectomy and radiation, chemotherapy and stem cell rescue in UCLA, that kept me cancer free for 14 years …

Unfortunately, it came back in 2007 and then I had a total mastectomy and chemotherapy and was all right till 2010. It came back in my liver and bones this time. I have been doing all kind of chemotherapy for 2 years till last week my Dr. told me she doesn’t have any more treatment and my liver function is worsening and was concerned about other organs since I had a fever, vomiting and diarrhea and pain in the liver and a bad tummy-ache. I was shocked by the news because to me I was fighting this hard and was hoping to get better news.

Anyways I talked to this friend of mine and she remembered that her cousin had to eat cabbage soup and water only. I started that and felt a little better by now… I still have the fever and I was hoping that you can help me.

I am 57 years old and live in California and have a good family: 3 beautiful daughters and a good husband that tell me I am their hero since my full name is Jandark (Joan d’Arc) and have been fighting this thing forever.

Please, Please, Please, show me the way to get my health back.

I heard you do wonders.

I also meditate which has helped too. Please answer my email soon so and tell me what to do to get rid of this horrible thing. I really want to survive. I have a lot to look forward to.

Please help me.

Best Regards,

Jani **********

Dr. Eden’s reply :



1- I don’t believe in any kind of therapy in your case. I actually believe in no medication for whatsoever, for the human body whether for a simple cold or cancer. BODY ITSELF IS THE STRONGEST ELEMENT;


2- My understanding of the human body and especially in your case is : the first and main food for any cancerous cell is anything from animal products ( meat, chicken, fish, milk, cheese, yogurt, etc etc etc …………).

These are what feed cancerous cells to grow faster and faster. These are all the growth factors and increase any cellular multiplication which includes cancerous cells.

3- Any food, in general, will feed the cancerous cells at first, that’s why, the only treatment I see is Fasting and having no food, and some more instruction that I will give you after some mental tests.

You have to be ready and have enough mental understanding of fasting and not just stop eating. Fasting is the procedure of understanding the human soul-body relationship.

I will only help patients who decide to do it with a strong belief in what I just said. If you are afraid of not eating, or if you want to ask useless questions about, how many days and etc…………..don’t do what I say and just carry on your therapy which will take you to death anyway.

Otherwise, I will be happy to help you and don’t forget that I do that for free and if you waste my time with your questions, I will drop you right away.

So please make your decision, and come back to me after you gave up all your therapies and medicines and really want to let your body heal you. When you fast, you actually let the body defend itself, and NOTHING and no MEDICATION is stronger than the human body.

When you are ready to just listen and ask no questions, because I explain things when I see them necessary, let me know, I tell you what to do next.

Please read my website… www.fabioeden.com…. or read my books, for some understanding of my philosophy of life and health and well being, in order to better prepare for my treatment.

Dr. Eden

“ Breast Cancer ” part. 2

Patient’s reply :

Hello Dr. Fabio Eden

I am ready to take the journey with you, you lead and I follow.

Just to let you know, in the last 10 days, I’ve been only eating cabbage soup and drinking only water. You tell me what you want me to do, I AM READY.

I am waiting for instructions.

Jani ******

Dr. Eden’s 2nd reply :


If you waste my time I will drop you as soon as I accepted to help you.

I have many people waiting for my help every day:  

Here is what you have to do :

1- Stop your medication.

2- Stop all your doctors and hospitals they put you in this situation even from a small cold you must not trust anything but your body, but I tell you how.

3- Choose this way, you die or you live, but don’t change. This teaches you the power of belief and when you reach that, your cells will react differently inside your body.

4- Eat nothing and drink hot water ( 40 °C, 100-105 ° F ), 5-6…..even 10 liters a day.

5- Run 5 km ( 3 miles, faster and faster every day ),  give me your total time and your heart beat at the end of running over 10 second ( I don’t want it in a minute, but over 10 second ).

6- Don’t ask any questions, and just do it and believe in what you choose to do now.

7- Don’t do it just because you have no choice, do it because you want only this way and even if you die , you decided.

My way, is very physiological way, and not only it is scientific but also it only works if you believe in it.

This disease is only for you to test your power of belief, your faith in what you do. You with your cancer are luckier than many who die without even a notice to react and understand what they did wrong in their life to die before their time ( if you don’t want to leave, so maybe your time is not over yet ). Cancer gives you time to react and if you react well and change direction, you will survive, if not, No one can help you.

I give you the physiological way that human cells interact, but I also think that this can only become a positive way if the brain behind it ( means you ) , has a good attitude.

THE MOST IMPORTANT : I will guide you psychologically, medically, and most of all spiritually as I don’t separate human body from our soul. I will teach you  to be on the right path to LIFE ( the one you had until now was just a survival. That can happen like more than 900 people I already helped with cancer in the past 15 years. So in doing so I need to know everything you do during the day, from the morning wake up to sleeping time.

Every day YOU HAVE TO WRITE to me a new letter and according to that I can direct you spiritually and if you are having the right attitude to help your cells to be in an alert position unlike in a dormant one since years now.

Be ready to change lots of cultural and emotional attitudes in your life or you will not LIVE. You must read my website to get more used to my understanding of life. If I can give this deep understanding of life to you, You will LIVE, otherwise you will have to leave like many many every day. Don’t think you were unlucky. Everyday in the USA 50 000 people die in hospitals and half of that are cancer related and the rest if they didn’t die of a heart attack or else, would get the cancer in their turn sooner or later.

They all pray and cry, and “loved” and been cherished, but they still died and before their TIME was over, Like your case now. Why do they have gone? because they did not understand why them came in this word for at the first place. They spent their time having fun and pleasure and nothing constructive for others, than their little family ad little beloved. This life is much more than just caring about our little family. You have to open to a bigger perspective than that.

This is not a treatment, it is a life tutorial, it is a way of life, a new one, for you, ……. from Dr Eden……….because the one you believed was right got you where you are now, you have to understand that first. Health is not only about food and exercise and etc, everything you believed in must be questioned:   FOOD, LOVE, HAPPINESS, SUCCESS, FAMILY, TRADITION, CULTURE, etc etc etc……because food is also a cultural transmission, and a wrong one……… So be ready for that radical change.

I suggest you to read my books, to understand where I come from concerning life and health in general. You first have to understand the meaning of life according to me before understanding my approach of health.

Dr. Eden

“ Digestive System Cancer ” part. 1

Hello Doctor

My brother was diagnosed with digestive system cancer and was operated a year ago. The metastases were found in his liver and other organs. He had 14 times chemo therapies. Doctors have no hope for him and stopped the chemotherapy.

Now our family and I ask you for help Dr and will be very thankful if you could respond us as soon as possible.



Dr Eden’s reply :


Do you know who I am and what I do ?

You must first know my PHILOSOPHY of human body and then understand how I see the disease and Cancer for example.

If you want a medication or a miracle, I don’t have it. But if you want to understand why and how your brother had a cancer, then I can tell you the solution for curing it.

I do it for free and I don’t want any money, but only for people who are ready and understand exactly who I am and what I do.

Of course everybody says, “oh we are ready, and we understand “, but when people are dying they all say that.

Dr. Eden

“ Digestive System Cancer ” part. 2

Hello Dr,

I just have a question: my brother has kidney failure, his legs are swollen, and he can not run, he can not walk. How can he do your method? Please explain…



Dr Eden’s 2nd reply :

I didn’t tell you to ask me how to do this or that, or about my method. I told you to inform yourself about what I think about human body which is not a method, but a way of life for living healthy or curing cancers and any diseases in the body.

It is not about a method, it is all about my understanding of human body. Now please don’t ask questions that I qualify as stupid. Just try to understand the person you are dealing with, I mean the person of Dr EDEN.  

Go to my website again and read about ” A day with Dr Eden “, try to understand my personality and what I think of human life and body.

Then come and say OK Dr, We are ready to change life. And there you are ready to do anything I say.   

Don’t check my way of doing. You won’t understand it. The way you think and I know how you people think, for you people, my way of even LIFE is not understandable, so how can I ever transmit that to you to cure a deadly disease?!  

Now once again, go and prepare yourself for a new way of THINKING about health in general, and when you are ready, come back, and only then I will tell you and you will have to FIND the way to do it.  

Then if I tell you to run, you will find the way to run, and if I tell you to crawl, you will growl, and so on…

Dr. Eden

“ Digestive System Cancer ” part. 3

Hello Dr,

We know that you are extremely busy, but we would be very grateful if you could give us a time to talk to my brother.

Thank you


Dr Eden’s 3rd reply :

Hello for the last time,

You are talking emotionally, and don’t listen to what I say.

You are only wasting time for your brother’s life.

1- I know what I know and what I can do, and I also know THIS IS NOT POSSIBLE if the person is not ready.

You are not ready at all because you want it your way. YOU CAN NOT ASK MY KNOWLEDGE WITH YOUR WAY.

Do you understand that ?????

In my way there is no need to talk to my patient until I see it necessary. So please make your head empty of all the emotional things and when you are ready to TALK DIFFERENTLY and not like  SISTER who has broken heart if I don’t call, then you can tell me on the email, and we start.

I know what I know and what is possible with the human body and for the human body IT IS POSSIBLE to kill the cancer, ONLY and if ONLY the person is ready. YOU ARE NOT READY, I can judge from your emotional writings of a sister.

Now please sit down and change your Brain and stop talking about, ” don’t break a sister’s heart “.

I DON’T THINK LIKE YOU PEOPLE, that’s why I can CURE CANCERS, if I thought like you, I would not be able to do this amazing thing.  

Please don’t ask me any more questions and don’t tell me what to do just because you think it is right. I know what I do and which way to do it.

When you are ready, you let me know, and then I tell you what to do, and only on the email.

2- I receive 100 email every day, and cure many people around the world, and again FOR FREE, and don’t think you are different.  

So don’t waste time and do what I tell you, and don’t come again with another question or ” sister emotional” talking.  

Dr. Eden