Fragments of Dr. Fabio Eden's Books

Rising Above The Clouds

Chapter 1: “ Inner being ”

Our body is related to an extra power through our spirit and this can only be revealed from deep within each individual. The deeper we look for it, the further we travel within ourselves, and the closer we get to this power. 

What are we anyway without it?  All the same, just a combination of chemical substances more or less combined with different sources from the outside. From appearance probably not even two people on this planet are exactly the same, that’s when you realize how many different kinds of people are in this world from this point of view.  But looking from the inside and deeper, what separates us from each other is our soul, spirit, mind and our inner being and it is here where we might only find a couple of different cases.  

When this inside spirit ceases, the inner power will leave, and in some of us before even coming into being.  We are now just a chemical substance only this time inanimate that’s what we call death.

We follow the route of life whether we like it or not, neither knowing where we are heading.  We love most of the time just because they told us to do so; we hate just because we’ve been taught to hate.  

Are we thinking with calmness and serenity before we do anything?  If so, then that’s the point when we are touching and communicating with the inner being. Thinking, in the real word, is searching in our souls for all things, before acting.  Controlling our emotions, looking for reasons for everything good or evil, travelling through our minds and untangling all the confusions that stop us from being what we should be, “human”.  

Each time we think, we meet ourselves from the inside and this is probably the most productive conversation we have in the way of developing a good healthy conscience. 

Look at the world around us, full of different things like big cars, airplanes, spaceships, money, technology and science.  Where are we going with all this? We are going so far that the human eye cannot see and yet this, today, is very easy for us to accept.  

How come, one can go that far, yet cannot travel inside himself (herself) to see what is really happening there, deep inside, where our being originated from.

Did you ever think that if we could only stop the clock, we would probably have more time to think about these things?  We all look at the same world but with different visions.

You might witness a car accident along with a friend and let’s say five other people, but each with different vision. Between the seven of you there will be at least two different opinions, perhaps even more, but there is still only one accident that happened at the same time in the same place.  Yes, it’s the way we perceive everything around us and how we absorb it all, that is our inner being which shows up.

When we get deep inside, we search and search and we find plenty, 

“Do we want them”  “Do we like them?” “Can we change them?”  

These are all the questions that usually cross our minds and it is here where we either stay and search for the best and bring them out, or we’re so afraid of what we saw, that we’d rather back out of there and try to lie or remain silent, for after all no one knows what we really have in there, deep inside us.

Our world shows that we’d rather bring out the bad than the good.  Somehow perhaps that’s easier or is it that it might bring us instantaneous pleasure.  But whatever we may try to present to this life of ourselves, it will put us into the path that we would follow and that would be the fare for our travelling, and one thing’s for sure, that the end of every route is designed from the beginning and so it is in this way that we have chosen our end of life from the early days.  

But the question here is “Can we change it?”  “How and What to?”

Sometimes the life we are into does not leave us choices.   Going back on our road, the one we traveled on for days and days where we thought we’d been right, or maybe we have not thought at all, and most of the time the answer will be

“Let’s leave it as it is and perhaps a so called miracle will change it.”

What about those who do not know that they are on a wrong path and there they go, at a tremendous speed, that you do not even get a chance to wave at them, never mind stop them to explain. 

Life starts from inside us and will finish there.  When it departs us, it will take our soul with and will leave us with the message – “Sorry, you had your chance, let’s begin again but only a level lower”. Or if you were on the right route it will say, “Bravo, I am taking your soul further, to where you deserve”.  Oh! Do not get confused, these are only some symbolic poems, that life will sing for us, perhaps in our dreams or our hallucinations, or it might even be real and coming from deep inside, where we should have looked, before going too far along on our route.

“Is that our conscience”?

Talking about inside, a deep point right in the centre of every object where the life and being initiate, what gives us the vitality to exist, as we move as a substantial and chemical formation, before being an animated creature?  From where a big and tremendous energy should emerge and spread all over our body in order to give us all emotional and unemotional existence. For us it is far too difficult to separate this from the inner being and to feel it filling our whole body for us, as a substance of the universe, a small one.  

It is not easy to even understand what will be what, without what, in our physique, nevertheless we turn around and around knocking on doors and doors, searching for answers, consciously or subconsciously, but where is the best place to start from, can we even have this touch from this energy which connects our soul to our mind and body?  

Our mind is often tangled in so many different subjects, which surround us from the outside that one tries to beat them but with artificial weapons that he (she) collects from the outside.

When we try to think, it’s actually not what we should do or how our brain should act, but we need to stop everything from happening, that’s the real time when we are thinking.  If the world does not want to stop, don’t be perturbed! You can do it whenever you want, even for a few minutes.

We harmonise the body with thinking, prepare it for accepting the life to travel through it, taking in as much as we can to fertilise the ground of well being and eventually the energy will start from one small and microscopic point and will become so big and efficient that it covers the whole body and here we separated ourselves from outside for even a few moments.

Our vital energy is an unlimited source of power, originated completely independent from material and exists in every single one of us, but not activated or rather, even initiated in all of us.  The way we act, the way we think, the way we behave… and so on, are things that show the degree of our mastering of this energy. “

Written by :   Fabio Eden

The Incredible Journey of Zobiraf

” In the light of the horizon of the future of every Man hides a very mysterious adventure which contains his fate and destiny. A fate well furnished by his choices, by his intelligence, his lucidity during difficult moments and by his resistance to the storms of this ocean called “life”.

Men meet without reason, converse without a deep faith, smile without desire and begin talking without having anything really deep to say. They are overwhelmed by a single crazy idea and that is to be deemed better than their fellows.

There are beings who come out of this black nonsense of the inevitable kind, and reach into their souls for a simple reason: “Just to inform the others, and never to convince them.” They are divine, genius, saints, prophets … there are many other names by which we call them.

One day life ends, just as it has begun for others. Each of those useless, over-talkative men were gobbled up by the darkness, as their existence was able to bring nothing to other souls and even less for themselves; they will be missed by nobody and their deaths will lead to no elevation of any kind. The only regret will be the time they have been granted for the purpose of proving themselves in this adventure conscript called life. In the event, they were only aggravating their case for themselves in futures lives.

The living soul, the wakeful spirit, and pure love – come to my assistance, help me, give me the strength to see what cannot be seen by the naked eye, to hear what cannot be heard by ears alone. Help me to know what is not read nor said in books, help me to frame myself better and to better tame my body and my gestures, help me to feel the free and knowledgeable spirits, to feel the wise souls and to make myself useful by their side.

Help me to become humble, to behave myself in front of the purity of the knowledge of this fate, this adventure of my existence and in front of the simplicity of certain divine beings as they cross my path instead of waiting for them to come from the sky with halos around their heads. Help me find my place in this world among pure friends rather than among the hypocritical enemy disguised sometimes even as charming and sweet brothers, sisters and family.

Come to my rescue so that I can better withstand the pressure of these hypocrisies and the ignorance of the human race. Come to raise me over the black smoke which invades the air; come to take me where thoughts are pure and real, where courtship is sincere, where the narrow-minded are condemned by their attitudes and the sublime ones rewarded by their scales. Take me where the air is fresher, more honest and more brilliant. 

Take me where I can find a friend who knows when it is necessary, and knows when it is not necessary, a friend who will provide more solutions than shoulders on which to cry. Take me toward the infinity where friendship has no ground rules but instead has an inherent agreement of sincerity between two pure and elevated souls. 

Help me to be profoundly able to sense the pure necessity of the need of this pure love created by a sincere and enriching friendship for the elevation of my soul. This sincere relationship – or rather entertainment – full of knowledge and strengthened in the “emblem of life” which is nothing other than the link between the saints, divine ones and prophets, if these simple friends can be so called……who are missing so much in my life…

A friend called Zobiraf . “

Written by :   Fabio Eden

Death is only an Illusion

of Time and Space

Bongi believed that prophets and messengers, as they are described, were the invention of earthly people and humans in order to avoid the real sense of life. People didn’t want to take the effort and the challenge that would make them reach the supreme relationship among mankind by looking at themselves and at their own actions before looking at anyone else, knowing that this relationship would never be possible if man could not detach himself from his little life, his little family, and simply his littleness, in fact if man could not become free of everything like a GOD.

Men have all created a circle around themselves that they call family, and this way people, one as lazy and useless as the next one, hide themselves from all efforts and more than what they have ever done until now.

Their children are only their flesh and bones and are only faithful to them until the arrival of their own partners in their turn.

What a terrible accident is this life on Earth, and what a tragic ending will have this herd of sheep lost in the middle of nowhere, that don’t know which way to go but all follow the troop because none has the courage to take his own road toward the so-called prophecy and profound understanding of the word GOD, and what it really means, whereas it is only a symbol of Greatness, Ultimate and Absolute. In order to reach this Absolute, man has to free himself from all things on Earth. This freedom is to be “GOD” and it’s surely not an old man-looking creature hidden somewhere in the sky.

I am an eternal being in a perpetual change. I claim to BE and I absolutely want to reach what the word GOD expresses: “ABSOLUTE”…

Absolute generosity: “without any limits in giving if I decided to give…

Absolute determination: “I reach all my fixed objectives one way or the other”…

Absolute purity: “I have nothing in me, which could be nasty and harmful toward anyone” …

Absolute force: “nothing appears difficult to me in this world, the most difficult is only to dare, and I dare everyday to take new challenges”…

Absolute transparency: “without any fixed tradition, rejecting all customs and all environmental and cultural habits, I say everything that is in me and without any taboo”.

“Dear friends, I don’t believe in man and the way he perceives his GOD. I am persuaded of this to a point that I am sure that I will live long enough to prove to my fellows that I am the ABSOLUTE and eternally in evolution; and anyone could have also been if he only believed in eternity in himself.

I chose to reach my goal through the way of knowledge of the human body and absolute health. I don’t worship anyone; I just admire the knowledge and braveness of those you worship, in order to reach them better.

They scorned me, attacked me, they denied me, they demeaned me, they wanted me to disappear, they lied about me……but at the end, I won, says Bongi before he left the Earth to reach back the end of universe where he came from.”

“What a piece of work could have been Man! How noble in reason, how infinite in his faculty of communicating, in eternal form and moving, how expressive and admirable! In action how like an angel, in apprehension how like a GOD, should have been Man.

The beauty of the world, the paragon of every living being, could have been Man, but yet, to me, what is this quintessence of dust, called Human?!”

In his third book, Doctor EDEN tries to wake us up in order to make us become the master of our destination and make us decide what we really want instead of worshipping others and expecting any help or change by doing that. He wants us to stop thinking that we will become great through worshipping the greatness, whereas this way we only close our faculty to believe that we can do whatever those we worship have done before.

Life is a circle of knowledge and we can start our own frame of absolute from the moment we decide that those great people are one of us and had neither wings nor any aura light around their heads. They simply achieved a state of fearlessness, a state of detachment form whatever task they ever had in hand and from everyone in relationship with them. They simply became fearless of all things that stop us from becoming free and that point in life is “to be GOD”.

Written by :   Fabio Eden

What if 1 + 1 = 1

“I have the impression of having wings, says the elephant, although I have not changed much in appearance. I feel light…

– But you are light. I, the one who is carrying you, can feel it, replied the Eagle. Me neither, I have no impression of flapping my wings. I don’t feel them at all. I know why, these are your wings, I flap them for you and you are the one who is guiding them with the lightness of your thoughts and your soul.

In fact the lightness that I was talking about was more about the soul than your body. Before, you were heavy because you thought that an elephant could never fly, but now you became lightened of your heavy thoughts.

It is your desire and only yours. You went against what “nature”, according to you, had apparently prepared for you. With your desire and your strong will you could posses my wings. It is as simple as that. You actually started to fly even before I took you in hand. This is the secret…

– So the fact of not having something from birth or in one’s childhood education, is only an excuse even if we think that we are supposed not to be made for that ??

– Yes, my friend elephant, you understood it all, about life and how it functions. Bravo!!! Now, we are friends, and that forever, because my flight is not a secret for you anymore.”

So was born a new creature: “Eagle-Elephant”, a strange creature that everybody respected as much in the jungle as in the air.

He could walk among others, with his elephant posture, without being forced to fly as soon as others approached him, as it was often the case for an Eagle, and he could also fly away as soon as he did not want to walk among those down there, as it was often what the elephant was feeling on Earth.

Here was the greatness achieved by the merger of these unusual creatures in their way of thinking.

Simply in their way of thinking… because in life there are many eagle looking people with wings and many elephant looking people without wings, but there are not many able to merge together and to become one.

The love and patience of the Eagle and the desire and the will of the Elephant gave birth to a rare creature in its kind.

Written by :   Fabio Eden

Illustrations : Serena Ray

What Are We Living For ?

“ The world has no room for cowards. We must all be ready somehow to toil, to suffer or to die. Your life is not less noble just because there are no drum beats before you, when you go out into your daily battlefields of duties, or no crowds shout about your coming when you return from your daily victory or defeat. ”


“ There are those who like to live dangerously and mysteriously and never have any guarantee of the outcome of the choices they make in life, then their TALENT is their only tool to know how to evaluate between the risks and the reward.

If they think that it’s worth the risk, they say: “yes, it is risky, I can lose everything, including my life, but I can do something GREAT, that nobody did before, then is it still worth doing it?” Their answer is: “Yes, it is.”

Then there are others, who live a SAFE life, they need no talent for whatsoever. They take no risks of becoming anything great.”


“ Very intelligent people, geniuses…etc., always have that little thought that tells them that they are not good enough yet. It sometimes appears to be a “doubt” that crosses their head, but nevertheless, that is their engine, that pushes them to never stop advancing.

Only average intellectual people and fools think that they are perfect and have no question about their momentum or about their progress.

This is the key for all geniuses who have existed in the past, who are here today and who will come in future. You are part of those geniuses, if you ever have a “doubt” over your daily progress in the middle of your comfortable sleep, in the middle of your comfortable life. “

Written by :   Fabio Eden

Illustrations : Serena Ray

Torn Between

Earth and Heaven

” – You say that you want to save me? I see nothing wrong in myself. I don’t think that I am the victim of devil. What if devil was you? You are so painful for me, that I cannot believe that I am the wrong one, I am sure that the wrong one is you.

You are constantly criticizing me, and I am so sad when I am with you.

I also understand that. But you are next to me and you came toward me yourself, right? You pretend that you want to learn, right? You say you want to become that good person I am referring to, through learning new things, new behavior, right? What is learning for you, is to add some new tricks to have an easier life.

What I call learning, is to take you completely out of that evil life, which will have a very bad ending, starting with health, and then even financial and social misery will follow. In doing that, I can only show you what you do that makes you a devil and that will destroy any good future.

Look at your mother, family members, sister, friends, etc. Nobody is in a good state, neither health wise, social wise, nor financially. You might even find those situations good and rewarding. In that case, I cannot use the health and social situation as an argument to the favor of what I consider as being the proof of devil in you or in the people that you know.

You are the prisoner of your little believes, and I am not here to argue that. It seems that you want to be with me for some reason, so I am here to save you from the rest that holds you back from coming fully toward the garden of Eden, that you are attracted to. I don’t go to people to tell them: “hello, let me save you”, I let come those who approach me for some reasons, and you are the one who contacted me first, as far as I remember.

You have devil in you; I see it and I know it. Don’t rely on your friends’ opinions to feel good, because they have the same. It is only enough to look at their physical health and how addicted they are to food to see their devil.

“The biggest trick that devil has ever used, is to make you believe that he doesn’t exist.”

But devil doesn’t want to lose you. He resists and resists, and he makes you feel that way with any remark about you. Only this feeling of resistance, when you are criticized, is the proof of devil in you. It is just a simple example that proves me that devil is present in people’s body. Its presence is very tangible in your fear of even being in a strong heat. The heat and how much our body can handle it, is the physiological proof of the presence of devil in us or not.

Our body is 37 ° C, and if you cannot handle any heat of at least 37 °C, your body is not being a healthy environment for any soul. Most people cannot handle heat, and for me, most people are taken by devil. But of course, I cannot go to people and tell them, you are devil because you run away from the heat. But I know that what they eat and put inside their bodies is what overheats them all; they are boiling from inside.

” Why can’t we say the truth to people?

Average Humans don’t have the intelligence that a true soul has to read beyond what they hear with their ears.

When someone is taking the risk of being hated or even disliked by telling you something over and over, how harsh it might be, a true soul can just feel the true LOVE hidden behind that.

A simple minded human just gets the blow and cannot go above that. He is so low on Earth that he will die and will never find how to live like a free soul.

There are 2 ways to look at that:

Every time he is “criticized”, the average mind feels like a prey that has been chased.

Every time he is “criticized”, the true soul feels like a predator that has been helped to survive better in the jungle.

The very fine line between hate and true LOVE lies behind the understanding and mastering of this concept of prey and predator.

Yes, why is the devil not me?

Here is a nice theory for you to understand how we can recognize devil. Devil himself told me how his image is projected in his prey, and how he catches his victims.

Let’s start with this question: When was the last time you ever questioned yourself about anything? Whenever you were sad or unhappy, did you ever try to see if you ever did something wrong yourself?

Of course not.

Devil’s first sign is an unhealthy body, a week body. Then comes to this approach the fact of never questioning oneself, never looking at oneself. Most people never question themselves.

Let’s talk about the devil’s aspect of a weak body. You are not better. Look at yourself and how week your body is. Most people are physically very weak. You are extremely fragile to pain.

Therefore, devil is much more common among people than an Eden like me. Being average is the main characteristic of devil.

Did you look at my body? Where do you see a body like that around?

Did you see my skin, my nails, my hands, my feet…? I don’t think you ever did, or if you did, how could you see anything there, you need a minimum of knowledge to understand what you see. These features are the proof of how young and healthy my inside is.

This is unique and makes me already apart from average, that means devil.

The second characteristic that makes me apart from being devil is that there is nothing I do that is average. I never even went to a movie theater. I don’t listen to music although I play some instruments. I drink hot water, and I eat once a day all year around.

I never complain about anything. I am always ready to receive people and sit and talk with them.

Oh, here is the best, I never left anybody, I never avoided anybody. They always left me and avoided me. You did, and you will do it again and again, that is normal for people like you who function on hormonal secretions, mostly adrenaline. This last part is purely physiological and scientific.

These are all unique characteristics that we can never find in devil.

But look at yourself, and how healthy you think you are. You are not healthy at all. You cannot even run 1 km without stopping, or even bear the sun at 35-40 Degrees. You are weak, and the worst is that you don’t even know that you are weak because your evil mind compares you to other average devils like you and finds that normal. “

Written by :   Fabio Eden

Flight FA300 To Eden
New! Published in 2019

Chapter 3 : ” Intelligence seems painful “

“Nili, you are an extremely talented girl, I admit it…

Some talents are naturally given to you, some you acquired throughout life. 

But, having talent is not enough, You have to show the desire of wanting to become a great actor in life.

Becoming mother Teresa is not the same as having the desire to be Jesus himself. 

You think that you know everything and can solve all the problems. But you are just an average person with a good heart. This will not make you any exception nor make you another Master.

Being a Master requires you to be a disciple first, an angel first. Being a disciple requires you to be and learn next to a Master, about how it is not to be afraid of being hated and disregarded, or left alone by the masses, but not feeling lonely… try to understand this simple fact if you can.”

– For a long time, I had a horrible feeling when I was around you, and I didn’t want that for any reason in the world. 

But soon I grew up and realized that it must be the feeling of being coached by a real coach who takes us to something unique. 

Everything unique has a difficult road, has horrible feelings, otherwise, everyone would have reached it easily, and then it wouldn’t be called unique, nor great.

Have you ever thought of that, I whispered to myself.

Of course not. We cannot at the same time feel horrible about something and see the greatness coming at the end of the tunnel. 

I remember you talking to me about the left and right hemisphere of our brain. The first feeling comes from the left hemisphere of our brain, which sees things too close to our eyes, and the second feeling comes from the right hemisphere, which sees things more panoramically. This latter is the most real and the best for us. The first one takes us to our personal feelings and away from reality.

This was at first too scientific for my brain, I must admit, because I even left university and physiology lessons, because my professor was horrible.

It is so graceful when I see you in action, whether in sport or in interaction with people of all categories. It looks great, but I must remember that you work very hard behind in order to be so great. 

Master, you give a lot of yourself to express grace, to express harmony. The control of time, this is the secret to any success, to any greatness. I know that you are a great athlete before all. The biggest athletes of this world have the mental capacity of thinking faster, of seeing faster. They take important decisions, much faster than others.     

I am in front of a coach, an athlete, and I still talk about horrible and difficult. I still didn’t fix the problem.

– Oh, Nili, this horrible world with all its horrible people !!! If all the horrible people you met were as knowledgeable as me, and all the nice people as ignorant as your friends, then you are on the very right path to nothingness. 

– Yes, Eden, I will do nothing better than my nice friends, if not having a little better car or a better holiday in ski resorts. That is so average to my mind today that I cannot even imagine that I wasted my time for so long with such a cheap and average mentality, who runs away from true knowledge, and from true masters who literally master what I myself want to become.

I wasted my time by just looking for nice people, instead of just knowledgeable people, never mind if they are horrible or not.

For a long time, I was trying to solve this riddle: “ Why a truly knowledgeable person must be “horrible”? Why cannot he be nice as well? 

Of course, this is not a question for me anymore. I have already found the answer. The answer was to change my mentality.

– Very good question, Madame Nili. If you respect his knowledge and, when being around him, you just show the desire to learn from him, he will not be as horrible as you describe. But instead of that, if you approach him without any respect for his knowledge, then you provoke a discomfort, you insult his intelligence.

Madame Nili, when you are around a higher knowledge you behave as if he was like you, if not lower sometimes. That’s why you prefer being around your useless friends. 

Your arrogance creates in me sometimes that feeling of wanting to kick you out of here forever nevermind saving you from the hell you are heading to, with all your nice friends.

Nili, I don’t like any of your friends simply because I know that you have way more talents than any of them.

Where was your “self-arrogance” when you were around those brainless and soulless species, called your friends? Where was the arrogance that you had when you were around me?

When I know that I am better than others, either they have to learn from me or they leave by themselves, because of my aura, that is too heavy for a person who doesn’t respect the superiority of my knowledge.

I only want to spend time with better than myself, more intelligent than myself, more talented than myself, more successful than myself. 

You accept to be with them because you may want to just feel that you are someone. 

Come and try it with a genius like me, Eden. Come and see how it is to be with a genius. It is not easy, that’s why the outcome is great.

Do you know anything great with an easy road? 

Oh, of course, you know very well how to be with a genius like me. It is horrible as you told me many times. It is indeed not pleasant being with those better than ourselves, more intelligent than ourselves, more successful than ourselves, healthier than ourselves…

Why do you think that average people spend time between themselves? They are more or less the same. So no one really stands out. 

Then, among all the frogs, there will be a toad called Nili, that feels great among all those frogs. 

Nili, be brave and come and test yourself with better than yourself. Much brighter than yourself.

Once you asked me if I ever saved anybody, I told you yes, and told you about a genius girl that I talked to you about, called Shingalana, that I call Shingi.

She is so brave to come and be next to someone like me, that she appears stupid to her family and friends by even wanting to take that risk. 

If you ever meet her, I am sure you will also think that she is stupid, being next to me and accepting to be treated horribly, as you would describe it. But for me, she is growing and becoming every day stronger, healthier, more successful and more knowledgeable than anybody she knew before. 

We will judge it in 10 – 15 years. You can only judge a result of being with a genius after 10 -15 years of full commitment. Otherwise, it is just an average smart person. 

She felt the horrible pain of being with me that you felt, but she also remembered the horrible pain that she felt with people less talented than her that she knew before and she decided to leave. It is something that you didn’t do yet, that you don’t feel yet.  

You decided to be the toad among frogs, she decided to be the second of a lion until becoming the lion, if not already being a little lion, the Shingalana.

Nili, wherever you are right now when you read this, just look around yourself and if you see only one person more intelligent than yourself among all your friends and crowd around, then stop reading this and stop thinking that Eden underestimates you. 

I know you very well, I know you and especially your talents very well.

You are the only person who underestimates yourself because you don’t like the horrible feeling of being next to those who are truly better and simply have more results. 

In that case, I will also stop thinking that you are a unique full-time talent.

Talent is not enough Nili, you need a new vision, a vision that gives you that self-positive arrogance of not wasting your time with those less talented than you, but that they are just nice to you. Shingi knows who she is and how much she knows compared to others of her age at least if not older ones. 

“Horrible” is just a perception, what you see as horrible became pleasant to Shingi, after some years of being with me and seeing the outcome of this new existence. 

It’s all about our vision and yours is much locked into a frame since your childhood, and cannot open up to something new. I recorded that part for you once on a voice recorder. Why don’t you listen to it more often?  

Shingi is much more open in that matter. Time will be the only judge of who won the lottery Nili… Shingi or Nili?

Whenever I told Shingi that she was behaving morally wrong, somehow she always trusted my judgment, and immediately took action. She believed me, do you know why? Because she knows and believes in the fact that I know something about human existence and how it would be after death, that nobody knows, at least those from this modern society in which you live. 

Shingi knows who I am. Shingi trusts my judgment of morality and what is waiting for everyone after death. You will see it when you die and you will regret why you didn’t listen as well, especially that you met me much before she did.  

Written by :   Fabio Eden

The Mysteries of the Human Body
Will Be Published
in 2020

A simplified approach to the physiology
of the Human Body

Introduction :

” What is to feed oneself? Where does the pleasure stop? Where does the impulse start? Who eats? Who pays the price? Where does what we eat come from? Can we give in to everything without destroying?

Can we take a sample without despoiling? To whom does this life serve without living species?

Are they here just to feed us, or are they useful for something else?

Are we the masters of life, or tyrant over our own existence?

Are we masters of our actions, our body, our gestures, our desires and our impulses or are we just animals? Between both the Supra-human and the animal that are in us, which shall prevail when there will be nothing left, just a body destroyed by our impulses, our desires and our vicious and uncontrolled pleasures?

……Do not change things, change mentalities.

Written by :   Fabio Eden

” People study the universe just by curiosity or to appear more knowledgeable than others as if they studied some machines that they saw just by curiosity but not real interest. The same way doctors study the human body and nature to talk like scientists, but not to know themselves and their own body and their own nature.


Some even claim that they write to share their knowledge and to teach something to others.


I don’t write books for any of these reasons. I have nothing to teach to anybody. I write books to clarify my own mind and soul. People don’t like to search for anything about themselves, in case they could find something wrong and would have to change it. I have no problem with finding my wrongs and changing them. My writings are my evolution throughout my life, and every discovery, or may I say new knowledge, is a change that I made in my previous vision. “

Fabio Eden

HIS answer to why he is WRITING books