Treatment Of Deadly And Degenerative Diseases

My whole treatment is based on triggering the immune system or defence system, which is sleeping in people’s body.
It is our immunity system that finally attacks and kills the cancer cells or recovers from a degenerative disease like MS and etc. There is nothing and no medication in the world that could be stronger than the human body’s immune system. 

My method is a very physiological and scientific approach of how to wake up this immunity system in people, which is sleeping in everybody, and secondly; how to bring it to 100% activity. Then the body by itself, and with time, will take care of the disease, or regenerate the lost cells.

1- Fasting, which is the first part of my treatment, just stops feeding the cancer cells and stops the degeneration caused by the toxins in the food, 

2- With cardiovascular exercise which is the second part of my treatment, you clean your cells and regenerate them, by the high supply of oxygen and water

But, as I said it above, the main action, which is 99,999 % of my treatment, takes place with our defence system which is in a complete dormant condition in every body. The real wakening happens with your thoughts and mind once you understand how this sleeping happened in the first place.

If one understood this introduction, now here is how we can trigger the immunity system which is called the “defence system” in our common language : 

  • You must understand how your body, including the immune system, went to a, what I call, “DEEP PHYSIOLOGICAL SLEEP“. This sleep means that your body is completely dead on a physiological level, although you seem to be alive just because you talk and eat and etc, you have no defence and your cells are just degenerating one after the other slowly every day and it is only a question of time that a cancer or an MS or other degenerative diseases will catch you sooner or later. I mean, even for people who are reading this and don’t have any announced disease yet. Without that strong defence system, your body can catch anything.  

This sleeping is :

  1. Physically ; Because of lack of exercise and eating too much ( 3 times a day is far too much ) 

  1. Mentally; Because people accept and follow the common belief about everything in life that their parents did before them and they just follow them like a sheep, and they don’t question if they are right or wrong. Questioning your beliefs is for your mind like doing a cardiovascular exercise for your body. It keeps your nervous system alive and that stops all kinds of degenerative neurological, and neuromuscular disease.  

Therefore, the main point to wake up from that “ deep physiological sleep “ is questioning your beliefs about everything you think that you are doing right in life. In fact, here comes the real job of our mind and our soul. Questioning permanently what your traditions, cultures, environment and parental habits transmitted to you.  

The patient has to start a radical questioning of his/her being. It is that questioning that wakes up his immunity system on a physiological point of view by shaking our system. 

Below are some strong examples of how you can really shock your system by these questions, that are all believed to be 100% right. These questions trigger the strongest immunity system inside the patient, when the patient suddenly starts thinking, and only just think, and if he/she starts acting upon these thoughts, it will even shock and wake up the body much stronger that can eliminate any disease,  here are some examples of questioning the accepted beliefs: 

  1. Maybe when I kiss my child, that is not the best thing to do ……..?!

  1. Maybe making birthday party for my child or others , is not really love……?!

  1. Maybe the way I pray or look at the sky or elsewhere for somebody or something called God , is not the truth…..?!

  1. Maybe my belief about a heaven or hell after I die is not real

  1. Maybe the whole story of marriage and etc the wedding party is not the real love between people

  1. Maybe eating 3-4 times a day is not healthy at all

  1. Maybe drinking water less than our body temperature ( 37 °C ) is not good for our body….

  1. Maybe milk, cheese, etc, are the worst enemy of our body……..

  1. Maybe, my love for my family is not really love but just a sickening attachment that makes my life a hell full of anxiety; The real love is in true knowledge I must acquire and give them for their well being.

  1. And many many other “maybe….” 

I am not the judge of your belief……I just say how physiologically our body can react through a mental shock to our accepted thoughts and beliefs. These questions, if somebody starts asking himself, are like a shock to our thoughts and therefore to our system and so they will shake our system on a physiological level. That is true and pure physiological science and what we need in order to wake up the body’s sleeping immunity system. 

That suddenly shakes our system and our whole being and that wakening starts the engine of our immunity system, which then attacks all cancer cells and eliminates them one by one, or stops triggers the regeneration of our destroyed cells.

But, the whole question is, how intelligent the patient is to think and act as I said, and not just pretend doing it. Or how intelligent the patient is to not take it to the first degree and stop at the first sentence. 

Even the fasting must be a questioning of your accepted beliefs about food and health and how much and what you think you must eat and not just a short term medication and then going back to your old beliefs after the cancer is cured. This disease is in itself to change completely our being and our existence. I believe and know 100% that anybody can be cured from any disease, and even cancer, but he hast to really really change radically the way he / she thinks in order to start a strong immunity system, and that change must be forever, and not for a short time, because in any case, if you have any wrong or tricky plan, your body won’t react and you won’t cure anyway. You may fool me , but surely not your body. 

Be careful, many people say, “Oh I believe in you Professor etc”, but they all lie, because it is not about believing in me, it is about questioning their own beliefs. And realize that if they are in this situation, it is only because of what they think they did to be right all their lives. It is the results of their own beliefs and nothing else. If they want a different results they must start a different way of thinking and acting upon it.

These diseases are here because of your way of life and thinking, and nothing else.     

Only after that questioning, fasting can be effective and will stop feeding the cancer cells at the same time that the immune system will kill them one by one. The only thing that the fasting does is to stop feeding the cancer cells or degenerating our cells. The real elimination of these cells in a tumour or else, happens with our immunity system that was sleeping and we just awakened if the patient starts the deep questioning as I explained above. 


You must also understand that a disease like cancer is a blessing; it is the best thing that could happen to you, only if the person wakes up from his sleeping beliefs about everything that he/she thinks that are the truth, starting by the human body and its functioning, otherwise for those who don’t question, they cry on it and think of it as a sad event. This is an opportunity to a bigger wakening in life, and after that, you will have to see life with a complete different eye, a third eye. An eye like mine. 

Just think ; if you didn’t have this disease, you wouldn’t even want to read this article never mind even thinking that there is another way of eating, living or even thinking. 

So please don’t take my approach just as a medication, This is a new way of life forever, if you want to kill those cancer cells or start regenerating what you lost, you must promise to yourselves that. 

My treatment and method are all mental and spiritual works added to the pure science and physiology of the cells, and not just fasting and drinking water which are less than 1% of treatment, as important as they are as well. 99,99999 % are a mental work. The real science of physiology, which induces cells’ living procedure, starts all from our mind. Then our body does everything. 

I, personally, understood everything about our spiritual existence through human physiology and how our body and its cells really functions and reacts to our thoughts and beliefs.

All these deep scientific facts are not considered at all in our so called modern medicine.  

If you can do this radical change and questioning of yourself, then I can start being your professor and guiding and telling you about the technical parts of the treatment which are what to do as fasting, exercise and drinking hot water and etc. I helped many people to save from cancer, and degenerative diseases, around the world, but in the end, they all became someone else, they all started with new beliefs about everything. They killed the old person, in order to be born as a new one. They suddenly woke up and gave a fresh start to their life.

Be careful, wanting to survive a deadly disease is in fact asking for a new life. So be careful because your new thoughts might not please many people around you, be ready to confront that as well. It is also a test to know yourself and how much you really want to have a new life, a new start, because your disease is a call for the end of the previous life until now. 

I am myself a free man with my own beliefs about everything that you people do just because they told you that are right, like children, love, wedding, marriage, God, heaven, hell, eating habits, etc etc etc. My view on human body is also one of my own understanding of the science of medicine, while in university they told us something else. So you can see that by question what I thought was right, I discovered the truth. Why I say that mine is the truth? Because I have the right results. It is as simple as that. 

If you just want to be saved and go back to your past and carry on your past life like nothing ever happened, that will never happen. Please don’t waste your time with me and don’t waste my time, I cannot really help you in any way. I cannot give you what I don’t have and I don’t believe in.

I don’t believe in anything you people believe about health, love, God, happiness, sadness etc. I already broke that chain of common society beliefs and I live in a complete peace of mind and health since my very young age, with a free soul who makes my own rules and understanding about everything, like this one about health, and free of anything I heard before.  

Thank you for respecting that. 

I am a medical surgeon, and a professor in human physiology and anatomy. I know the body more than anybody else; I helped hundreds of people from cancer and other deadly diseases. I believe that the human body is directly related to our way of thinking, as much as I believe in eating only once a day and drinking hot water, and doing cardiovascular exercise every day. People in general with their way of thinking and with their accepted beliefs that were transmitted to them from their parents about everything, that they think that they are the truth, are their own worst enemies. Your accepted beliefs are your biggest enemies. 

People’s beliefs are killing them and nothing else, beliefs that nobody has any proof for them being the truth anyway. People only talk and repeat what they heard from others. Everything people think about food and eating habits ARE wrong, starting by eating 3-4 times a day. 

A cancer patient believes that he had to eat like society told him that was healthy, he believes that drinking milk and eating cheese is good for his health and children must eat these to be strong…he believes that eating protein is good for him and for his children, and etc…People believe that they can do whatever they want to their body and then they just go to a doctor and he gives them some medication and they will be alright, until the day they have a disease that modern medicine, tells them: “ sorry I cannot help you anymore “, but he never helped them before anyway. 

Similarly talking, they also think that they can do whatever they want in life and behave the way they do in life with others without any moralities, and then just go to the religious guide and he tells them some verses of a book or they read them themselves and do some praying and some other rituals, and they will be alright and go to a place called heaven after they die.  

They just follow what everybody said and nobody questions these beliefs. If you can question these beliefs about everything and REALLY EVERYTHING, then you can start a new birth and live again, being saved from cancer or any, so called, incurable disease is asking for a new life. Your old beliefs took you to where you are now, don’t ever forget that. 

New life = new thoughts, fresh thinking = questioning the old thoughts, which doesn’t mean you reject them, but you revise them, and find your own truth and stop repeating what they told you and nobody has no proof nor positive results for them anyway,  nobody really knows much about health, they all repeat their accepted old beliefs. 

Either you wake up and start a new life by killing the old person, or the cancer or other degenerative diseases will take you do it for you by taking you away and you will suddenly see that all your beliefs were wrong just when you cross the line from this life to wherever you believe you will go, which people call “ death”. 

In both ways, you become free of those old thoughts. 

– So before even I tell you about any physiological advice and guide you on that, which includes fasting, cardiovascular exercise, drinking hot water etc…., You must see if you can start questioning everything in your head, as I explained, in order to trigger MENTALLY your immunity system first. 

Please don’t come and waste my time if you are not able to do such a thing in your head and if you think that your beliefs are sacred and are the truth, which I respect if you think so, but please also respect my beliefs about human health and how the body functions and all other beliefs that go with it. I don’t say if your beliefs are right or wrong I am not the judge. I just say the questioning shacks your sleeping system. You won’t see from outside that healthy shaking that happens inside you, but just by looking at people’s reaction around you when you start to question, and how they start calling you the “bad person” who abandoned them, and how they are shaken, you can imagine how your inside is shaking and changing.  

No patient will cure any kind of deadly and incurable diseases, even if he fasts for 200 years, without this shaking. 

Just an advice, when you didn’t want to question your beliefs which are mostly your comfort zones, then you mustn’t come and cry when you see that you were wrong when you cross the line from this life to wherever you think that you will go. Sorry, you cannot come back anymore, at least in the same body. Your life ended there. You chose to end with your beliefs, so nothing is wrong with that and I respect that deeply, but I don’t think that the way you died ( cancer, Alzheimer, Multiple sclerosis and etc ) was also part of your beliefs and expectations of your beliefs. If yes, so why do you want to change it? Why do you want to save yourself from it? Accept it and go with it. But if you don’t accept this fact, so you must question every single part of your beliefs and see that maybe your beliefs were all wrong.

If you understand this, you also understand that Cancer or any disease of this kind, is a blessing and a good thing and not something bad, It is to wake you up from a deep deep sleep about all the things that you believe that are the truth, but they are not at all. 

With experience with all the patients that I saved, I can tell that they all changed and they threw away all their past beliefs. People from all different nations and cultures, became free people who started freshly their own thinking and throw away all that they heard until then from their environment about everything. 

From that moment, anybody can cure any disease with the help of my physiological knowledge. I can only bring that purely scientific knowledge and experience of myself about the body. The main immune system shaking comes from the patient, and I have no power over that. I can only tell you how that mechanism can take place with shaking of your old thoughts and replacing them with your new fresh ones.

Don’t forget that even for me to reach this understanding of the human body; I had to question my beliefs and what I had been taught at medical school. By questioning I realized that my truth of the beginning at hospitals and giving medications and etc to patients was completely wrong. Then I expanded that to all areas of my life. That made me a philosopher, a messenger of the truth, at least about the real health, besides just being a doctor-professor in medicine. The truth I found is the real because my own physical and mental health is the proof of it. 

Please read this very carefully and don’t just jump into it just because you are afraid of dying or wanting to get rid of your problem, and saying just yes professor, etc won’t help you much. This is a very deep and long procedure. 

To finish, I tell you this that once a patient who got saved from cancer told me:

Dear Professor, with you I understood :

“ If an egg breaks just from outside and superficially, it will rot and die. But if it breaks from inside, it is the birth of a new baby, a new life. We must be aware if we are breaking and changing superficially from outside or it is really from inside. Cancer, a degenerative disease, etc, are the best gift and a blessing for people to break from inside and start a new life with fresh thoughts. If they don’t understand that, this disease is the worst thing for them and will take them away like they never came here…………..Thank you professor for giving me this lesson and this new birth by helping me to break from deep inside……..”

PS : This letter is directed to all cancer and deadly disease patients who ask for my knowledge. It is based on true facts that I personally discovered with different patients. It is in no way a judgement in people’s beliefs or else. I only tell to those who ask for my help, how they can be surprised how wrong their beliefs were about everything, once they are saved from their diseases.  

Dr. Fabio Eden


MD : Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

PhD : Space Medicine, Longevity Medicine, Physiology,

Sport physiology and Anatomy

7th Dan Black Belt Tae Kwon Do Master