Death is only an illusion of Time and Space

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There are in life those with an extraordinary destiny, an extraordinary fate. Why? How? No-one knows! There are in life those for whom everything is possible, for whom God seems to be them. Why? How? No-one knows! There are in life those with amazing power of faith in themselves, extraordinary strength of mind. Why? How? No-one knows! There are in life those who build the future, and every time they build it, they don’t remain just arms crossed, admiring their piece of work while it is becoming the past. They go forward imagining a new future that is waiting for them, a future where they wish to go, being convinced that “this is the world that they want to find.” Why? How? No-one knows! There are in life those who, when they are in front of something to overcome, a difficulty or so, don’t see it as an obstacle, but a challenge to make them stronger, a better person and simply to make them more God than before. Why? How? No-one knows! IN HIS THIRD BOOK, Dr Eden, through the story of an extraordinary boy named Bongi, explains these “whys and hows”, as Bongi found the true meaning of God and faith by exploring the difference between the limited and the infinite state of being, simply through physical health and what we could do with our body, and actually how related our faith and understanding of the enigma of all secrets of life are to our physical health. For Dr. Eden, life is eternal from the moment the soul knows how to treat it, and time is only a matter of our perceptions. Past, present, and future are all parts of the same time frame. It is only our mind that puts them apart. The one without this whole perception is not a pure soul and believes in death and cries on it. The soul comes from the infinite part of the universe and enters the body at the very first moment of its conception to form the embryo, says Bongi, the futuristic doctor and human body adventurer, who knows that this world is on the way toward extinction because of its own limited mind. The soul coming from the deepest part of the universe symbolizes the infinity, without any limits. It locates in unified cells, called embryo then a fetus, which is nourished by water and oxygen and emerged in a deep calm inside the amniotic cavity. They form an embryonic entity which will be transformed into a human-shaped baby, fully capable and well armed to carry on a long disease-free existence on Earth. But it is countered, from its very first moments after coming out of the matrix, by a limited way of thinking, the devil on Earth, coming from a limited earthly life established by those who came before and already lost their soul: the parents. They are nourished by the tremendous amount of all kinds of empty caloric foods and junks for their body and their brain, by laziness, and even by sleep, by superficial man-made ideas called culture and tradition, which are all emerged from the only idea of their predecessors who made up a single limited idea that extraordinary health and eternal life are unreachable, the same way they consider God is inaccessible. The healthy baby is meant to die in this agonizing end that we notice around us every day by the way people just perish because of lack of health consciousness. “They scorned me, they attacked me, they denied me, they demeaned me, they wanted me to disappear, they lied about me……but at the end, I won, says Bongi before he left the Earth to reach back the end of universe where he came from and after having lived a disease-free and a death-free life on Earth.”



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