Rising above the Clouds

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Born with a curious nature, Dr. Eden began questioning the accepted beliefs and habits embraced by most people on this earth at a young age. His studies of Martial Arts introduced him to Eastern philosophies, earned him a seventh-degree black belt, and led him to travel throughout the world in search of spiritual truths. After obtaining his medical license as a surgeon and working with thousands of people in physical and emotional pain, his numerous travels took him to China, Korea, and other Eastern and Asian countries. Through frequent stays in Korean and Chinese monasteries, Dr. Eden learned about Eastern spirituality and the power of the inner being. His knowledge of medicine and desire to help others heal their bodies and their lives sparked in him the aspiration to more fully explore Asian healing methods and to closely examine the path of natural and physiological approaches toward the body and its functions. In Rising Above the Clouds, Dr. Eden generously and passionately shares his wisdom and life philosophy with his readers so that they might also learn to unlock the doors of their own earthly habits and gain access to a higher level of being.



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