" Health Instructions."

TO  DO :

1- Drink at least 5 liters of hot water (37-40 ° C) a day; Do not drink anything else than hot water.

2- Eat only once a day after 6 p.m.

3- Let your body rest from the food for at least 20 hours without eating anything, while drinking hot water all day.

4- Eat mostly cabbage, celery, leeks, zucchini, eggplant, onions … the best is to choose 2 and eat them like soup.

5- Run at least 5 km a day, at least 5 times a week, to push your pulse above 27 – 28 beats / 10 seconds.

If you have never run before, start slowly and finish the best you can, go slowly but do not stop, even if you can not walk anymore. Then, the next day, do a little more running and a little less walking and so on …



1- Stop wasting time walking, 500 meters of running are 1000 times better than 100 km of walking.

Oxygen is the main nourishing and regenerative key of our body cells. Oxygen goes much better to our cells when we push our pulse to at least 27 – 28 beats per 10 seconds.

By walking only, we will never get high enough in a heartbeat to feeding our cells with oxygen.

Oxygen is the key to youth by slowing cellular aging and premature death,

2- Stop looking for potassium, magnesium, vitamins … and all those things you have no idea of functions or nature.

Do not look for these words in everything you put in your mouth ………. Just eat what I said above. These are the most important ingredients in your body and mind, and mentally and neurologically.

All other things are just pleasure, and you cannot consume whatever you want if you want a disease-free life, and also do not try to stuff yourself with all the pseudo-healthy things to give yourself a good conscience on your own health.

It is extremely necessary to know that 99% of our body cells are WATER and the temperature inside our cells is around 52 ° C. Therefore, by drinking hot water, you provide food to the cells, and not with vitamins, potassium, magnesium, etc.



99% necessary food for you body is


If you do not believe that these two things are the only things important for your body, try not to drink water for 2 days and not breathe for 2 minutes and you will see how fast you are going to die ………… What is certain is that by not giving vitamins, potassium or magnesium to our body, no one is dead …………….

If you are afraid of any deficiency, think of it as follows :

” If this “deficiency” should make me look like this man, Dr. Eden, having a strong body like his, having an exceptionally good brain like his and a strong and stable nervous system like his … then it’s good to have “deficiencies”.

But if you do not believe me, I suppose you have more physical and mental fitness than me, so I challenge you to test yourself physically, mentally and neurologically.

Finally, the bonus of doing exactly what I’m saying is that you will live for at least 300 years. It’s just a “little bonus” because the real benefit in following my instructions is to never have even a little headache again, and for the rest of your life you will not need to visit a hospital or a doctor…

Dr. Fabio Eden


MD : Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

PhD : Space Medicine, Longevity Medicine, Physiology,

Sport physiology and Anatomy

7th Dan Black Belt Tae Kwon Do Master

” People study the universe just by curiosity or to appear more knowledgeable than others as if they studied some machines that they saw just by curiosity but not real interest. The same way doctors study the human body and nature to talk like scientists, but not to know themselves and their own body and their own nature.


Some even claim that they write to share their knowledge and to teach something to others.


I don’t write books for any of these reasons. I have nothing to teach to anybody. I write books to clarify my own mind and soul. People don’t like to search for anything about themselves, in case they could find something wrong and would have to change it. I have no problem with finding my wrongs and changing them. My writings are my evolution throughout my life, and every discovery, or may I say new knowledge, is a change that I made in my previous vision. “

Fabio Eden

HIS answer to why he is WRITING books