" Insight. "

1- I have no FAMILY, everyone I meet is my family although he/she does not know it.

2- I have no EGO, my determination which makes me proud of who I am, that is my EGO.

3- I have no PAIN, my strength of wanting to do what I see right by pushing to “hurt” myself, that is my pain.

4- I have no LOVE to give, my attention toward my fellows and how to be sincere and not to feed myself on them, feels me with a sensation that I call LOVE.

5- I have no FIGHT to win against no-one, my silent battle with the devil inside me is the only fight I have to win.

6- I have no God to PRAY for, I am the God of myself and my destination. I live like a God on Earth.

7- I have no-one to CRY for, I should only cry for myself if I believed what they made me believe about the creation of everything. 

8- I have no CHILDREN; people I guide toward the God inside them, by changing them globally, are my children.

9- I have no FEAR of anything; my only fear is to stop believing that GOD, that real source of everything, is me and only ME.      

10- I have no KNOWLEDGE to give, my flexible mind is my knowledge.

11- I have no AMBITION in Life; I give myself to others at 100% every day as if it is the last day of my life and at the same time I make every day a new plan for future as if I will be here forever, that balance of “This and That” is my ambition. 

12- I have no RELIGION; to be brave enough to frighten people around by questioning their harmful habits, at a point that they want to CRUCIFY me alive, that is my religion.

13- I have no hidden POWER; my complete detachment from everything in life at the same time as I do them with so much perfection and gratitude, that is my power. 

14- I have no real GOAL in life; to be here long enough to see the end of the world, that is my goal. So I can say that I am my own God and you could have been too if you lived long enough.


Dr. Fabio Eden


MD : Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

PhD : Space Medicine, Longevity Medicine, Physiology,

Sport physiology and Anatomy

7th Dan Black Belt Tae Kwon Do Master

” People study the universe just by curiosity or to appear more knowledgeable than others as if they studied some machines that they saw just by curiosity but not real interest. The same way doctors study the human body and nature to talk like scientists, but not to know themselves and their own body and their own nature.


Some even claim that they write to share their knowledge and to teach something to others.


I don’t write books for any of these reasons. I have nothing to teach to anybody. I write books to clarify my own mind and soul. People don’t like to search for anything about themselves, in case they could find something wrong and would have to change it. I have no problem with finding my wrongs and changing them. My writings are my evolution throughout my life, and every discovery, or may I say new knowledge, is a change that I made in my previous vision. “

Fabio Eden

HIS answer to why he is WRITING books