" Prophets According to Dr. Eden "

« In the light of the horizon of the future of every Man hides a very mysterious adventure which contains his fate and destiny. A fate well furnished by his choices, by his intelligence, his lucidity at the difficult moments and by his resistance to the storms of this ocean called “life”.

Men meet without reason, converse without a deep faith, smile without desire and begin talking without having anything really deep to say. They are overwhelmed by a single crazy idea and that is the thought to be wrongly better than their fellows.

In this black nonsense of the inevitable kind, there are beings that come out of this darkness and get up to their souls for a simple reason: “just to inform the others, and never to convince them”. They are divine, genius, saints, prophets and many other names by which we call them.

Life ends one day as well as it had begun for others, each of those useless and too talkative men gobbled up in the darkness, as their existences were able to bring nothing to other souls and even less for themselves, as well as their deaths are going to miss to nobody and to non elevation of any kind. The only regret will be the time they have been granted so that they prove themselves in this adventure conscript the life but they were only aggravating their case for themselves for futures lives.

The alive soul, the awake spirit, and the pure love, come to my assistant, help me, and give me the strength to see what can not be seen to the naked eyes, to hear what can not be heard to only ears, and to know what is not read nor said in books, help me to frame myself better and to tame better my body and my gestures, help me feel the free and knowledgeable spirits, to feel the wise souls and to make myself useful by their side.

Help me to become rather humble, to better behave myself in front of the purity of the knowledge of this fate adventure of my existence and in front of the simplicity of certain divine beings as they cross my road, help me to find my place in this world rather among pure “Friends” than among the hypocrites enemy disguised sometimes even as charming and sweet brothers, sisters and family.

Come to my rescue so that I can better undergo the pressure of these hypocrisies and ignorance of the human race, come to raise me over the black smoke which invades the air, come to take me where the thoughts are pure and real, where the courtship is sincere, where the narrow-minded are condemned by their attitudes and the sublime ones rewarded by their scales. Take me where the air is fresher, more honest and more brilliant.

Take me where I can find a friend who knows when it is necessary and knows when it is not necessary, a friend who will be for me more solution than a shoulder to cry. Take me toward the infinity where the friendship has no ground rule but more an agreement of sincerity between two pure and elevated souls than any other things.

Help me to be profoundly able to sense the pure necessity of the need of this pure love created by friendship, sincere and enriching for the rise of my soul. This sincere relationship or rather entertainment full of knowledge and strengthened in the “emblem of life” which is nothing else than the link between the saints, divines, and prophets, if it is so that are called these simple “Friends”.

A Friend,

Dr. Fabio Eden


MD : Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

PhD : Space Medicine, Longevity Medicine, Physiology,

Sport physiology and Anatomy

7th Dan Black Belt Tae Kwon Do Master

” People study the universe just by curiosity or to appear more knowledgeable than others as if they studied some machines that they saw just by curiosity but not real interest. The same way doctors study the human body and nature to talk like scientists, but not to know themselves and their own body and their own nature.


Some even claim that they write to share their knowledge and to teach something to others.


I don’t write books for any of these reasons. I have nothing to teach to anybody. I write books to clarify my own mind and soul. People don’t like to search for anything about themselves, in case they could find something wrong and would have to change it. I have no problem with finding my wrongs and changing them. My writings are my evolution throughout my life, and every discovery, or may I say new knowledge, is a change that I made in my previous vision. “

Fabio Eden

HIS answer to why he is WRITING books